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TOTU Issue Number 20

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Published 08/07/1999, 104 Pages    

Short Story
Title By Page
When Jesus Ruined Christmas   Martha A. Hood 18
Mrs. Hewitt's Tulips   Mark Rich 27
But Smile No More   Stephen Dedman 32
The Turtle God   Mary Soon Lee 37
La Lattaia   Patricia Russo 42
The Shrew that Ate Rush Limbaugh   Robert Subiaga, Jr. 48
The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch   Neil Gaiman 62
Twelve Nights in the Harem   Don Webb 70
Swiftly Flowing Waters   Brian Wightman 76
Food for Thought   Judy Klass 83
Euphonasia   H. Courreges LeBlanc 90
The Third Maiden   Paula L. Fleming 94
Kali High   Amy Benesch 98
Title By Page
The Anti-SF Novel   Maureen F. McHugh 10
On Joan Slonczewkski's The Children Star   Sandra Lindow 15
Title By Page
An Interview with Neil Gaiman   Amanda Elg
Eric M. Heideman
Pam Keesey
Title By Page
Ladyship   Ann K. Schwader 17
The Language of Flowers   Rebecca Marjesdatter 26
To a Dead Astronomer   Tippi N. Blevins 31
Skull Talk   Nancy Bennett 36
Grimoire   Rebecca Marjesdatter 40
Dark Constellations   Ruth Berman 47
Starpunk   Mike Allen 75
Incident at Infinity's Border   Mike Allen
Charles M. Saplak
Silicon Trade Agreement   Ruth Berman 88
Flying Over the Top of the World   John Calvin Rezmerski 93
Continuing Sojourn(er)   Ann K. Schwader 97
Title By Page
Another Overnight Success   Eric M. Heideman 2
Twinning   Laurel Winter 3
Title By Page
  Dave Roszelle Cover
Title By Page
For "When Jesus Ruined Christmas"   David Grilla 19
For "Mrs. Hewitt's Tulips"   Dave Fode 29
For "But Smile No More"   Augie Wiedemann 33
For "The Turtle God"   Dave Fode 39
For "La Lattaia"   Rodger Gerberding 43
For "Skull Talk"   Amanda Elg 47
For "The Shrew that Ate Rush Limbaugh"   Cathy Buburuz 49
For "The Facts in the Case of the Departure of Miss Finch"   Suzanne Clarke 63
For "Twelve Nights in the Harem"   Beth Hansen 71
For "Swiftly Flowing Waters"   David Grilla 77
For "Food for Thought"   Margaret Ballif Simon 85
For "Euphonasia"   Augie Wiedemann 92
For "The Third Maiden"   Cathy Buburuz 95
For "Kali High"   Suzanne Clarke 99
For "Kali High"   Dave Roszelle 103
Title By Page
Maureen McHugh   David E. Brooks 11
Neil Gaiman [1]   David Christenson 53
Neil Gaiman [2]   David Christenson 57
Neil Gaiman [3]   David Christenson 60
Spot Illo
Title By Page
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 8
TOTU the Cow   Erin McKee 89
  Dave Roszelle 104
Eric M. Heideman Editor-in-Chief
Andy Loges Senior Associate Editor
Amanda Elg Associate Editor
Greg L Johnson Associate Editor
P M F Johnson Associate Editor
Sandra Rector Associate Editor
Laurel Winter Poetry Editor
Rodger Gerberding Art Editor
Carolyn Ives Gilman Editorial Assistant
Mark Willcox Editorial Assistant
Kristopher Wilson Editorial Assistant
Ruth Berman Production Assistant
Clark Stone Typesetting and Design
Tales of the Unanticipated - Issue #20

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