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Cathy Buburuz:
(08/07/1999) In recent months, Regina, Saskatchewan artist Cathy Buburuz illustrated 19 poems for the 1999 issue of Prisoners of the Night (USA), two stories for Bonetree (the Canadian electronic magazine), several stories for Enigmatic Tales in England, and in collaboration with Charles Fallis, she'll provide several illustrations for Dark Regions & Horror Magazine (USA). She also writes horror fiction, and has sold stories to Nasty Piece of Work (England), Tenebres (France), Northern Fusion (Canada), Flesh and Blood (USA), and The Reaper (USA). In her spare time she designs posters, stationery, and t-shirt art for Canada's all-female Cajun band, Louisiana Jane. She spends the majority of her hard-earned dollars in bookstores, greenhouses, and casinos.
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