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K.D. Wentworth:
(08/11/1993) K.D. Wentworth lives in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where she teaches fourth grade, when she can't get out of it. She has sold short fiction to Hitchcock's, Pulphouse, Aboriginal, The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (F&SF), Journeys to the Twilight Zone, and Tomorrow. She is co-editor of The Oklahoma Science Fiction Writers Newsletter and writes a markets column for The Report. Her novel The Imperium Game will be published as a Del Rey Discovery in February 1994. Of "Comrades-in-Arms" this issue, she writes, "Do you think anyone will be able to figure out that, at one point in my childhood, my favorite TV show was Combat and I wanted to grow up to be a foot soldier in WW II?"
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Blue Suede Soul   K.D. Wentworth #9 16
Comrades-in-Arms   K.D. Wentworth #12 32

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