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Mike Brotherton:
(12/27/1996) Mike Brotherton writes, "I finished my Ph.D. in astronomy at the University of Texas at Austin this past spring. I have now taken up a postdoc position at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory where I will continue to study quasars and active galactic nuclei. Finishing my dissertation, attending an international conference in China, and moving to the Bay area have left me little time for writing in recent months, a situation I intend to change. In the past year I've had two stories published in Talebones and one in Nuthouse, along with a frustrating assortment of held-then-rejected stories and bought-then-rejected stories. `Pearl' was first drafted at Clarion West, which I attended in 1994. The inspiration for the story was, believe it or not, a Cindy Crawford photo in Vanity Fair."
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